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Started in 1999, EvaGayle Care Home is a cornerstone of assisted living community (with all types of age group) providing healthcare and rehabilitative services. This inimitable centre is located close to Assunta Hospital and conveniently in Petaling Jaya Old Town and New Town.

EvaGayle Care Home emphasizes on each features of the centre. We believe these insignificant details reflect on our philophy of giving the best quality care to our residents. We have designed our home with spacious living rooms, purpose built bedrooms, manicured lawns and visiting halls for families who wish to have a quiet day together with their love ones. We give top priority to our residents’ safety and security.

EvaGayle Care Home delivers the kind of place where wholesome relationships can form between residents and caregivers.

Jalan Bukit Mentari Selatan

Jalan Bukit Mentari Selatan

Jalan Bukit Mentari Selatan 2

Jalan Bukit Mentari Selatan

Jalan Templer

Jalan Templer

Jalan Kanagapuram

Jalan Kanagapuram


Always Best for Your Love Ones  – EvaGalye Care Home believes and practices to deliver the best care for our residents. Hence, we begin every day with a clear vision to treat and provide care for your loved ones as you would at home. Everything we do flows from that.


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No 11, Jalan Bukit Menteri Selatan, Sec 7/2 ,
46000 Petaling Jaya.

No 75, Jalan Templer.
46000 PJ

No 1, Jalan Kanagapuram.

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